CFP NeMLA 2021 Philadelphia: Francophone African Literatures Outside the Book

This panel invites explorations of literary activity by/about francophone African authors outside the bindings of the printed page. As Rosenthal and Ruffel have observed (2010) with regard to contemporary literature in French broadly considered, literary activity in the contemporary era increasingly “se pratique et s’expose” outside the book. What manifestations of this are particular to francophone African writers? How do these events or objects interact with, or conversely stand apart from, their published works? Do (relatively) new platforms on the internet and social media mean that readers (or writers) are getting a different or better experience? That literature is being accessed or consumed in a more democratic way? 

This panel takes up the theme for the 2021 convention by examining how the print medium in our field is changing and adapting in the face of innovations in technology and evolving needs and desires of the reading public. While moves online and to social media have already been happening for a while, it has now become de rigeur for institutions’ and individuals’ survival with the post-pandemic virtual-ization of culture. 

While this panel takes as its point of departure more recent trends in contemporary literature, papers that ground these relatively new phenomena in earlier models and practices in francophone African literature are welcome. Abstracts are accepted for 10-15 minute papers  in French or English.
Abstracts are now due 11 October. Submit via NeMLA’s platform. Email Kristen_Stern [at] uml [dot] edu with questions.